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pod studio LLC

Minneapolis, Minnesota

We believe that our built environment should inspire.

The collaborative business model of pod studio was built to be bold. We take risk in design that is tempered by expertise, experience, craft, and a dedication to always push beyond a safe place to create something unprecedented and unique.

With every built environment pod studio members create, we consider context — large and small. We look at how architecture connects people to people, people to structures, structures to structures, and structures to our planet. This is, after all, the web in which we all live, work, and play. And buildings are dynamic fixtures in this web.

When we create environments according to the principles of sustainable prosperity, they are aesthetically pleasing, socially conscious, environmentally responsible, and economically advantaged. In short, they give value back.





Nada brings over 16 years of experience with designing workplace, residential, retail, and academic environments for a variety of private and institutional clients. Her focus on interior design, lead by an in-depth understanding of programming, has provided leadership for inspired elegant solutions for contemporary learning, work styles and business goals.

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Stephen’s professional experience includes master planning, site and building design to interior and furniture design. His interest in the process of making architecture continues to focus his efforts to generate meaningful experiences from materials, geometries and space. He engages a studio culture that takes into account technical, environmental, economic, and social issues for his design solutions.  With over 25 years of experience in architecture and design, he seeks innovative and sensitive design solutions by taking into account the site, surrounding resources and local culture for an integrated project.

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